Make a list of schools that you are interested in attending.

 Junior year is by far the most critical year for recruited athletes. This is because this is the first year that coaches are legally allowed to talk to your child. Know that coaches are going to award scholarships according to the needs of their teams. It’s great if your child in is like NCAA Men’s Basketball standout Zion Williamson because recruiters will be knocking down your door but if not, a little more effort on your part may be required.

Your work will first begin with making a list.  Make yourself aware of which schools will be losing athletes to graduation and transfers in your child’s specialty. This increases your child odds of filling those position. It’s also essential to see if the schools that you are interested in having your students desired major. Not every school has every major so make sure to do your research. Playing sports is a significant part of it but obtaining a degree in your child’s desired field in the real prize.  Start your list with many schools that fit your criteria to give your child as many options as possible. Depending on your child’s ability it may also make sense to include both division I and division II schools.

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