Winning is important

Once you find your child’s fit create a nurturing environment to help them to develop the best that they possibly can. As a disclaimer, I am not an “everyone gets a ribbon” type of parent. I am not going to sit here and tell you all that is only important is that they have fun. Try to find a team or training program that is known for producing winners; winners with great attitudes but winner none-the-less.  Fun is part of it, but winning matters. Earning a scholarship is a competitive business and only the ones on the top will get the prize. (Remember the award we are talking about is a free school).

Time to Showoff

By the time high school arrives most families know which sport would produce the best chances of earning recruitment. Help your little athlete earn a spot-on great varsity teams that have a record of sending kids to college.   Recruiters pay very close attention to high school and AAU sports, so participation is crucial.

Outstanding performances during any year in high school can put you on a recruiter’s radar. Tailor your training to peak your performances at championships and invitationals so that you can stand out among other athletes. Beginning my sophomore year in high school, I started receiving questionnaires from colleges. They were interested in knowing my height, weight, GPA and all events I participated in. No matter if I was immediately interested in those schools or not, I competed in each interest form. It put me on the coach’s radar, and it left me open to more opportunities in the future.

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