Get your kids on a team….

Being on the team may seem like an obvious step, but without throwing out any shade, some people miss this one. When your kids are young, it’s a great idea to let them try a variety of sports and activities. When I was young, I did track, ballet, tap, jazz, martial arts, gymnastics, soccer, and basketball. I eventually settled on track and field, which has probably been one of the best decisions of my life. You don’t know what is inside of your kids until you let them give it a try.

Please resist the urge to push your child into a sport just because you like the sound of it. For instance, let’s say for some reason you like rhythmic gymnastics and invest all your child’s efforts in that sport. In this imaginary scenario even if they are so good, they get an Olympic gold medal at age 16, when they graduate from high school in 2 years, without other aid, you will be stuck paying for their education because rhythmic gymnastics is not an NCAA sport.   Let your child experiment with different scholarship sports (NCAA Sports) and gravitate to what they are naturally good at and what they enjoy. Part 4……..

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