Okay friends, if your family is anything like ours, a lot of time goes into plotting and planning your children’s future. This is especially true when you begin to think about your kid’s college education. We have three kids, and sometimes the prospect of sending three kids to college terrifies me. The easy decisions to conquer include, what will they major in, or which schools should we be looking into. The harder question to answer just so also happens to be the elephant in the room, “how are we going to pay for college for three people”? Tuition, room plus board, books, and fees on average can cost $39,880 for four years of education (Average Tuition Costs). Wait. What?! So, you’re telling me on top of feeding, clothing, and keeping our kids alive for 18 years we must pay about $140,000 to send all 3 of them to school? That’s depressing.  To be continued…..

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